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The STEM Women of Color Conclave (SWOCC) is the largest national forum for STEM women of color from institutions of higher education.  The Conclave serves as a catalyst for harnessing a centralized body of knowledge and best practices related to women of color while holistically promoting the personal and professional development of women of color in the academy.  This year's theme is:


Enough – whether shouted with authority or quietly whispered in exasperation; whether used to scold a child or quell the chaos; or whether said with an audible voice, a hand gesture, a glaring stare, a soulful moan, or with complicated silence – the word enough has so many meanings for women of color who are not just distressed but who are now also distressed and determined. But determined to do what?


Join us as we welcome STEM women faculty and administrators of color from the U.S. and Africa for the 2024 STEM Women of Color Conclave and Leadership Colloquium. This year, for the first time since the outbreak of COVID, we will convene in-person to revisit the past several pandemic years and assess the toll it has disproportionately taken on STEM women of color in the academy. We will also lay a foundation for building new skillsets and workstyles that will arm us with tools to contemplate, confront, and counteract the destructive impact of higher education powers, policies, and principalities that have, for far too long, robbed us of Freedom, Joy, Health, Happiness, Friendships, Scholarship, Productivity, Recognition, Allies, Sponsors, Peace, Abundance, Wholeness, and Wellness. At this conference, we will 1) determine a future for ourselves and those we serve and love; 2) engage nationally renowned feminist scholars, former and current STEM leaders, executive academic coaches, and other experts, guides, researchers, and advisors in rich, critical discourse; 3) participate in collective and individual thought mapping; 4) deepen our understanding of triple consciousness – woman, of color, and in STEM; and 5) foster and nurture our connections to each other, our greater purpose in life, and our Source.

Join us as we explore the deeper meanings of this phrase. Through dynamic plenary presentations, uninhibited discussions, and contemplative thought mapping assemblies, the Conclave for STEM Women of Color will provide the kind of meaningful professional and leadership development that is critical to ensuring that STEM women faculty of color are empowered and positioned to lead American higher education through such a time as this.

The Conclave will be held on May 30 - June 1, 2024

The Leadership Colloquium will be held on May 28 - 30, 2024

Confirmed speakers for the Conclave and Colloquium include  Dr. Renita Weems, Chaplain of the Society of STEM Women of Color, Inc., and others. Attendees who complete full participation in the Leadership Colloquium (i.e., mandatory 10-hour attendance) will earn a continuing education credit and a postgraduate certificate from the Fielding Graduate University's School of Leadership Studies. 

SWOCC is ideal for attendees that are junior, mid, and senior level faculty (assistant, associate, full professors) and administrators of institutions of higher education. Educators challenged in balancing life, work, and studies and navigating through the ranks are encouraged to attend. 

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